Canis Therapy

What is Canis Therapy?

Canis therapy (canis – dog + therapy – treatment) is very popular and promising therapeutic movement in zoo medicine, where patients are treated with the help of dogs. Canis therapy is a kind of animal therapy. It's used in medical and social rehabilitation. Specially trained therapeutic dogs relieve patients' condition with neurological or psychological disturbances or deviations.

Why are the dogs used in canis therapy? Dogs have similar to humans qualities, such as sensibility, the ability of feeling, expressing through actions, sounds, mimics, response to the person's communication. Moreover, dogs are easily trained to run verbal commands and are willingly obeyed them.

Canis Therapy: the Content and the Good of Communication with Dogs

Canis therapy is the alternative psychotherapeutic method of treatment and rehabilitation. Specially selected dogs take part in canis therapy. Doctrine about therapeutic dogs appeared in time of Hippocrates. Works of art, archeological digs and other documents of those times give evidence of treatment with dogs since then.

Canis Therapy Activities

You can:

Other activities:

What are the benefits? 

Canis therapy is oriented to reach the next goals:

Dog therapy is watching the animal, close contact with it through communication, feeding, games and care.

Therapeutic dogs should have such qualities as:

Aggression absence.

Developed sociability, friendling.

Negative response to loud noises, sudden and quick movements absence.

Well-balanced temper.

Dog therapy is acceptable not only for patients with neurological, psychological and emotional disorders, but also for elder people and physically impaired people (blindness, diseases of the musculoskeletal system).

Dogs cure people due to their devotion, friendliness, movements, touches, color of coat, breath. Dogs make patients' physical and emotional state better, rise them from the depression and apathy, distract their mind from grey thoughts and loneliness.